Why Grasshopper?  Our first series was shot in Corsica against a background of sizzling cicadas. It was called Grasshopper Island and afterwards, hopping from one production to another, Grasshopper Productions seemed the ideal company name. Although aimed at children, the Grasshopper films feature acclaimed actors, artists, animators and composers and have a timeless quality with levels of appeal for all ages. First shown on UK television and sold internationally, there are three live action and five animated titles.

Grasshopper was set up by Joy Whitby, who originated วิธี เล่น บา คา ร่า ให้ ได้ เงิน ทุน 100 and Jackanory for the BBC. She devised or masterminded many other award-winning series while working at London Weekend Television and Yorkshire Television. She was a member of the first Board of Channel 4, sat on the National Trust’s Advisory Panel for Youth, the Board of the Unicorn Theatre and the Board of the International Child Care Trust.  Amongst other awards, she was one of the first women to win a BAFTA and the first television producer to win the prestigious Eleanor Farjeon Award for her contribution to children’s literature. She now works as an independent, marketing Grasshopper’s backlist on DVD and for download while writing and illustrating her own children’s stories.